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Rasler x Ashe
3rd-Mar-2008 02:46 am - Nabudis' Treasure
Ashe - Serious
Fandom - Final Fantasy XII - No spoilers mid game.
Title - Nabudis' Treasure
Characters - Ashe, Vossler, Basch, Rasler
Rating - PG - 13
Summary - This is the story of the Zodiac Spear and Ashelia's connection to it.
Length - 3,713 words (No future chapters, but it was fun to write, while I try to hammer out chapter three of A Forgotten Requiem.)

There is a certain annoyance...

The link to my journal. Comments are always welcome. :D I especially would like to hear from RaslerXAshe fans. I find their love story so compelling and yet I personally think we know so little of Rasler.
17th-Feb-2008 11:33 am(no subject)
Rasler Ashe
This community hasn't seen much activity in a while, but I thought I would post here anyway.

Hopefully music videos are permitted here:

A Rasler/Ashe music video to Blink 182's "I Miss You."

21st-Aug-2007 07:07 pm - 100_drabble
Hey fellow Final Fantasy fans and fanfiction writers! Just wanna promote a new community that you all may be interested in. For those of you who like to write and do writing challenges in communities like 1sentence, then 100_drabble is perfect for you! 100_drabble centers on, you guessed it… challenging yourself to write drabbles consisting of 100 words only, with 26 themes in mind.

So get those creative juices flowing and join today! :D
19th-Feb-2007 08:03 am(no subject)
Hey, it's a bit quite 'round these parts, isn't it? Well, I don't have much to say... I just have a few icons to share. =)



The rest are HERE at ljamboree.

Comments are love. ♥ Credit, while nice, is not necessary. 
24th-Dec-2006 06:34 am - Happy Holidays!
Hi, new member here... I don't have much to say now. I just wanted to share some icons that I made. They're mainly of Ashe, but there are a few RaslerxAshe ones as well.



The rest are HERE. Comments are love! Credit, while nice, is not required. =)
17th-Dec-2006 04:30 pm - Rules Added!
I've finally completed a set of rules in the userinfo. There isn't anything to harsh, just the general stuff. Be sure to read them over before you post!
4th-Dec-2006 04:27 pm - Rasler x Ashe C2
Somebody on FFN created a Rasler x Ashe C2. Check it out!

20th-Nov-2006 05:39 pm - Introduction
To get this community started, I'll introduce myself. My name is la_vamp, but you may refer to me as Kelli if you please. I'm actually new to livejournal, but I know a lot of html so I'll tidy up the profile soon. Anyways, feel free to add me to your list. It's always good to meet new people.
19th-Nov-2006 05:53 am - New Layout
I put up a new layout for this community. The layout template was developed by carriep63. I give endless thanks to her for creating such an awesome, easy-to-use tutorial.
19th-Nov-2006 02:35 am - Opening Post
I didn't find any Rasler/Ashe communities here on livejournal. Thus I decided to start one since Rasler/Ashe is my favorite pairing in FFXII so far. So yeah, post anything you like that is related to the characters or the pairing. I'm also looking for some co-mods to help me out. If you're interest, make a comment on this post.

ETA I've found two willing co-mods. I think that it will do for now. Thanks guys!
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